Thursday, September 30, 2010

a member of a club

we have a {club}
a dinner club
some could describe it as:
:: affiliation
:: association
:: bunch
:: friend circle
:: clique
:: company
:: crew
:: gang

but i just call us life long girlfriends

i remember back in college
(hahahaha i am using this phrase as if i were there ten years ago... not two)
when we had slumber parties--->we always made a vow to hang out & to forever be friends
we fantasized about being within driving distance
taking girls trips
and then couple trips
and then family trips.

- - - well so far [so good] - - -
my fellow aggies and i have done a great job thus far.

we all are QUITE busy with our separate lives
(full time jobs, some have husbands, some have kiddos)
and we don't always have the time to catch up with each other.
it takes effort
that doesn't [stop] us
we make do
no. matter. what.
we make it work. every time. some drive far.
? ? ? why ? ? ? 
because it is important
because it provides us time to laugh and laugh like little girls
to catch up on life changing news
to reminisce about fond memories of our past
because girlfriends are [essential] to the well being of anyone
because we realize that someday we may not be within driving distance
because we have to take the chance to be around the friends we love while we can

our lives are much different than they were freshman year 

last night we had our monthly dinner
emo does a great job of coordinating them
: : : : : : : : : :
so as the sun set in SLC
7 young women sat on a patio
laughing, joking, smiling, with warm hearts
there are a lot of changes on our horizons

  • moving to a different country for one,
  • a second boy for another,
  • a wedding in January for an upcoming bride,
  • and a haircut

our future courses are continuing

we missed the ones that couldn't be there
i love these remarkable and admirable grown up young women
they help make me
i [love] our monthly dinners

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a simple smile

::: a thought to share :::

i got to work ..very.. early this morning
i sat down & i had an email waiting for me from a good friend
i have a lot of people in my life that make me smile
<> a phone call from a relative
<> an email from a best friend
<> a letter from europe
<> a text from a boy
all these make me smile
next time you are feeling down,
try putting on a smile

there's a good chance you mood will change for the better

Monday, September 27, 2010

st. geezy- where the livin is eazzzy

we hit the pavement and took a roadtrip to st. g
:: total blast ::
the main purpose was to attend our good friend matt's wedding
matt + nat = l.o.v.e
we made a weekend trip out of it
here are some of the trip high-lights
THERE was only {1} downfall to the entire trip
i forgot my camara battery
camera ---> check
but no battery
so all of these photos were taken on my phone
we made a stop at
it was 100 degrees down in sunny st. g
{we were lovin our life}
so obviously we hit the water
<< boating >>
<< sun bathing >>
<< cliff jumping >>
i was lovin the red/orange rocks
matt innes got married
he tied that knot
to this babe of a girl .natalie.
this was one of the only photos that "i" could take
her and her gal pals
we got plenty more on amy's real camera
so saved for another post
[you know: her dress from all angles, decorations, us, the bride & groom, the coreographed dance]
as for the ride itself:
we watched four movies
we ate about 100 lbs of sugar candy between all of us
we sang to avril and kelly c. at the top of our lungs
& we enjoyed each others company
great mini vay cay

Friday, September 24, 2010

let's cut to the chase.. fall is here

the transition from summer to winter.
i ..hate.. saying goodbye to my bff summer.
but with all the changing seasons, it happens every  year.
i do love fall.
early fall.
right when the transition begins and it is enjoyable.
{F.A.L.L} ::: a few of my favorite things
{F} is for… food.
Stews, pumpkin bread, caramel apples.

{A} is for… art projects.
i have some cute ideas up my sleeve. i hope photo two turns out just like that

{L} is for… leaves.
reds, oranges, & yellows, on the trees.
i the changing colors.

{L} is for… lots of new fall clothes.
boots, coats, sweaters
time for a change in my wardorbe.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

as i end my work day.

 :::: i love photos ::::
shabby chic style
{it} puts me in a good mood

enough said

season {7}

it is here
what a great night of television

don't bother trying to reach me

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

double duece

september 2.2.

i want to wish a happy birthday to:
my .. gram
my .. mom
my .. friend

Monday, September 20, 2010

early riser in the a.m.

my morning came quick today
buzzzzzz went my alarm clock
i thought if i bought a cute, new alarm clock at urban outfitters it would help [and urge] me to wake up better. you know maybe this trendy and adorable thing would be my golden ticket to waking up early??!! ha-ha-ha what was i thinking---> yea right
bottom line: i already returned that alarm clock and got a refund

the little voice in my head was urging me to sleep in for another 10 mins.. and another 10 mins
i hate getting up early for work
::: hate :::
if i could sleep till 8:30 or 9 everyday
i would be content
[but] that isn't the case anymore
considering i started work today

and i told myself:
this is going to be quite the adjustment considering my lifestyle for the past year

::: so as of now my wake up time will be between 6:30 & 7:00 :::

ohhhhh help me

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a change in my daily routine

 << i have way too much to blog about >>
[stay tuned]
back to school ---> i start nursing school in 2 weeks
i got a job ---> it begins on monday
i am all moved in ---> s.l.c is my new home

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


dentist check-up

i like the dentist's office
mostly because i like the lady that cleans my teeth. she is a great chatter box and she always likes to hear of my latest adventures.

teeth cleaned
& cavity free

Monday, September 13, 2010

modern marie antoinette

tonight was the season premiere of gossip girl.
{yes i still watch this show}
the episode partly took place in paris.
every scene i envied because i wanted to take part in the episode.
why can i not be there in real life?
why can’t i just snap my fingers,
or wiggle my nose,
or travel there as fast as a vampire?
i miss the sweets, the baguettes, the shopping, the language, and the boys on vespas.
i miss [ALL] things french.
i think i have found a way to describe my style.
i'm a modern [marie antoinette]
that's right. 
one who has a feminine style.
one who loves to wear dresses, bake sweets, discover great music, host parties, and is obsessed with anything french.
yes----> that is me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Directionally challenged [that is]:

i have a slight problem. i truly struggle with telling my right from my left. not only during spur of the moment situations but even ones where {in my head} i swear i've checked AND double checked.. and i am still incorrect.

it was discovered that children are developmentally ready to know their left from their right by the time they are seven-years-old.
i guess i was too busy playing with barbies to jump on that band wagon
how many of us bloggers learned to tell the right hand from the left hand by holding them up and noting that the left hand makes an "L" and the right hand doesn't??
---i did---
but still i struggle
last night i was driving my new roommates to ice cream. [and you know first impressions are key.] after getting in the turn lane to turn left after my co-piliot had told me {6} times to go right i was embarrassed. i thought i was going right! or when i went into the ice cream parking lot through the exit [accidentally] and a car was coming straight at us.
i failed to impress that's for sure 
sooo --------> i decided to do some research:
right/left confusion is more common among left-handers. studies show that left-handers have more trouble discriminating left from right. [well hello.. i'm a lefty]

it's a mild disability [ah hahahaha] that 15 percent of the population faces... at some degree.
and i must be among that 15%.... call me one lucky duck

this explains so much about last night's behavior

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


5 minutes ago, i was in bed tossing and turning.
and then i thought to write it out 
A hundred questions are flying through my thoughts.
{at this exact moment}
and all i can ask is ?why?

Why do bad things happen to good people?
as in hard trials, painful situations, tragic news, & tough obstacles.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and that a higher power controls what happens and someday (yes someday) we’ll see better when the smoke clears.
But why?
Why does a young woman have to lose her father when she is my age?
Why does a young lady have to live her entire life with a disability?
And why does cancer have to affect a good friend?
Is what i'm feeling normal? Isn’t it ok to question?
I have put in a lot of thought into this post tonight, and after some more questioning [and tears... we all know i am a major cry baby these days] i was struck with this thought:

How can we possibly become a strong person, if we have an easy life? The tougher the situation is, the tougher we have a chance to become if we choose to fight back.

The {three} women in the situations above have courage
----> much more courage than i hold. They are amazing and all are determined to march forward.

I try to remind myself that with every adversity in life, there is always a seed of an equal or greater benefit. We just have to look for it. find it. and act on it. 
Confession: i still struggle looking for the "answer" in rough waters. but who doesn't 
It's easier said than done. We know good can come from situations, BUT what hurts STILL hurts.
But i look to these words with hope for the future. Hope is uplifting, strengthening, promising, and faith restoring. And you know what... we need to have hope. Hope is knowing that i will go on and never give up. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning.
these are true:
-We learn to have courage --> when we face danger.
-We learn tenderness --> when we taste pain.
-We treasure our health --> when illness strikes.
So tonight as i say my bed time prayers, i am not necessarily praying for an easy life without problems, i am praying to become a stronger person. I am praying to keep hope alive in others' hearts.
To all of you bloggers reading this post, you should know that i love the lyrics to this song:
"Lean on me, when you’re not strong, i’ll be your friend, i’ll help you carry on.."
& it's the truth. through the good & the bad, i am there, we all are.