Thursday, January 28, 2010

a doting father...

Happy Birthday D-A-D

we had a small party

my mom and I

my sister SKYPED in from Guatemala

Fathers and daughters have a close relationship

Since the day I was born, my dad was involved in every moment

.He is amazing at

---teaching me new things

-listening lots

---giving advice

-making time for fun

---supporting his daughter’s dreams

.What I love about him

---he tells me I’m beautiful

-he is a great example of Manhood

---he is a best friend for life

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confessions of a Substitute Teacher

(stay with me on this long post)
Currently I am sitting on my lunch break
I am at Lincoln Elementary
Mrs. Roger is out for the day
the 5th grade class is stuck with me

To fill my days
...and my wallet...
I have been substitute teaching in the Twin Falls School District.
It has been an interesting experience

I've been all over the place, from 2nd grade, to high school language arts, to teaching ESL, to working with the handicap students.
Tomorrow, I'll be in a middle school home-ec classroom. Possible concepts I will be teaching: ...sewing, cooking, and/or childcare...

--->it has been a good experience.
--->it has been good to remind myself of the different methods teachers use at different grade levels

I have been able to witness at first hand:
***a conversation how a girl met her boyfriend at skateland
and you out of towners who are not from the great city of TF wouldn't understand that this is where elementary and Jr. High relationships take off. The white trash roller skating joint. From the first couple skate when you and your boo hold hands... after that smooth sailing and you are "going out"
***at the high school I witnessed a boy (who I am pretty sure was in band) giving a girl his class ring
***Note passing that said:

"is Joey really going to dump Cami at recess?"
"yes can you believe that, she has no idea"
"well he doesn't even like her"
***A second grader picking his nose like he was digging for treasure..
{and yep he ate it}

+ Plus +
I think the increased exposure to the germ gestation sites
{a.k.a. elementary school kids}
has done my immune system a lot of good.

Unforgettable Quotes that must be mentioned:
"Most subs are old and have no fashion, you are young and I like your outfit." 4th grader
"Cute boots, where can I get them?" 4th grader
"What, are you like 18?" 2nd grader
"What would you say is the age of boys you go for?" 12th grader

I have to say that so far my favorite day was last week
From the moment the morning bell rang I loved my day
I got hugs immediately as the students came in
It was a windy and cold day so at recess 3 girls asked if they could stay in with me
We chatted about Twilight, watched and sang to Taylor Swift music videos on YouTube, talked about Jonas Brothers, and I got to hear about their class room crushes.
I loved it, probably just as much as they did!
That says a lot about my maturity level
And to finish that day, it was a girl's birthday
so we had treats and you better believe we played
Heads-up 7-up
As the students left for the day, I got about 7 cards from girls and boys.
They were precious!
----some just colorings
----some had drawn a picture of me in front of the class
----one wrote a poem
----and then a couple made thank you cards
It was the best part of my week. They were so cute!
Right now as I look up at the time
I realize my 5th grade class should be coming in from lunch at any minute
I'm looking at the lesson plan for the rest of the afternoon
and I see ------> math and science

This has been a typical day for me, the Substitute Teacher
nothing out of the ordinary has happened today
Some days are {better} than today, and some days are {worse}
until next time......

Monday, January 18, 2010

blonde bombshell

Radiant Reese Witherspoon presented one of the awards on last night’s Golden Globes

She looked b.o.m.b.-dot-c.o.m.


she is one of the prettiest women in Hollywood

i know Reese and i would hit it off

her and i would be great friends

i love her:

her --- style

her --- hair

her --- sincerity

she is so classy

I wish I looked this great after a major breakup

It's been official for about {2} months that Reese and Jake called it quits

I was genuinely sad when I saw this in the tabloids

--- simply crushed ---

I remember being at the grocery store and seeing the mag with the words

“split” and "is it over?"

I was a huge fan of their relationship

[So I composed this letter:]

Dear Jake,

you lost


Sunday, January 17, 2010

worth seeing

after seeing this movie
i found myself in a good mood hours after
sure it was 100% predictable
but it was a great romantic comedy
completely enjoyable for my mom and i

----> it was about time

{played by Matthew Goode}
tall, dark, and very handsome CHECK
british accent CHECK
sense of humor CHECK

i want to find my own "declan" in europe
i'd be lying if i didn't tell you that while i sat staring at the screen
i was hoping that my fate might end up like anna (amy adams)

any of you that know me well
that this would be my d.r.e.a.m.

{all i'm saying} ----> it could happen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Tyrone

the end of march you will be performing in SLC
i won't be there. no front row
no singing every lyric to {sea breeze}
i know you wrote this song about me
and i won't get to be a part of it
i know that when you play {wondering where you are}
you are thinking of me
i am sad
run away with me to europe

ps--> i even love you with no hair

Sunday, January 3, 2010

time to spread my wings and fly

moving day
at the end of this month

my home for the next couple months will be in this city
more updates soon
WHERE: southern germany
3.5 hours from paris
20 Euros to fly to rome
2 hour train ride to munich