Monday, March 23, 2009



What would Edward do?

Hey bloggers! Here is a comical approach to the Twilight topic. Eddie is a fictional character. But in our hearts he is real. Everyone wants an Edward Cullen. Some say we cannot all be as lucky as Bella Swan. But GIRLS I have a secret for you, WE CAN! We as females are so precious and we should never settle for anything less than we deserve. While watching Twilight on DVD this weekend with my friends, we found ourselves dreaming and swooning over the character Edward Cullen. Some were basically salivating (ha-ha you know who you are!) As we watched him in this movie we found ourselves asking where is our E-Cullen? Is it just us or does Edward make the rest of the guys in the world seem so lousy and lame?

It really is an unhealthy habit, but I guess even more of a way of life. A need you could call it. A necessity. Edward is right up there with water, food, shelter, and oxygen. All we really need is Edward. This man (aka the most amazing vampire you will ever meet), pretty much gives meaning to life. It is the truth!

So I have a friend and this boy is so lousy to her. Truly he doesn’t even deserve to have a photo in his room of her, but over and over he is let into her life and then over and over hurts he again. So finally I came up with this theory. W.W.E.D. What would Edward do? Would Edward be mean to her and make her cry…. NO! Would Edward put her through hell and back…. NO NEVER! He wouldn’t so we as girls can’t let these fellas in our lives do that because they don’t deserve us. Edward would DIE for you and he would love you forever and ever hahahaha so there will be someone that is the exact same so don’t let your heart settle on something that isn’t as great as our pal Ed! We all dream about our "dream boy" and I have to say that I feel 100% pathetic when I wake up breathing hard just because I had a dream of me and Edward hahaha C + E = true love! But he will be there someday!

Who cares if it is all from a book. SO WHAT IF WE LIKE DAY DREAMING! I think it is so funny when people write twilight slanders on their blogs. It doesn’t matter that Edward Cullen is a character because either way he still has millions of fans of every age. I can tell the difference between fantasy and real life, but the bottom line is that f I have to wait a long time for my Edward Cullen then I will..

Here are the top reasons why I love Eddie!

Because he's EDWARD CULLEN!!!!

Because he's a vampire

Because he is the modern day Romeo

Because he'd rather be ripped to death than live without Bella

Because words like "unequivocally" are used to describe him in every day conversation

Because his crooked smile makes you forget to breathe haha so true

Because he makes girls' hearts want to jump out of their bodies and tap dance

Because he sparkles in the sunlight

Because he pulls off sun glasses better than anyone else

Because he gives us a standard we have to hold our future boys too

What a post haha and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

Yours Who is Truly Twilight Obsessed,


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ode to ohhhhhhh eight!

I posted two back to back posts this week. One on Spring Break 2009 with lots of photos and then one on the memories of 08 and how it was so great! Enjoy!

One of my good friends posted about her top memories of 2008. Now I do understand that 2008 is well gone by now, but today I was thinking back to some of my favorite times and I realized that they all were last
year... so why not write about them! Here are 10 in no real order!

Meeting Miss Ashley Pawlak

This girl is the bomb-dot-com. No seriously I think everyone needs to get on face book and add her right now because then your friendship will begin. Princess Snow White (as I refer to her as) came into my life on my first day at Disney. We were assigned to be roommates in our housing complex. FATE! THAT’S RIGHT IT DOES EXIST! From that first morning on we became the best of friends. I have never met someone as hilarious as this chica. Each morning I had the pleasure of waking up next to her and my life is now never the same. Not only did we share clothes but she also shared valuable knowledge with me along the way. She brought something into my life that I can’t really explain but the bottom line is that we princesses stick together and you mess with one and the whole clan pulls up their dresses and are willing to de-throne anyone! I love her with all my heart and I know that our friendship has just begun with many more memories on the way!

Meeting my Disney and Fantasyland friends

I met the most amazing friends at Walt Disney World. It is so crazy to me that we all met from over 15 different countries at the happiest place on earth. The memories I made here will last forever! I have never been happier in my life. From closing stores late, to watching wishes fireworks, to going to the beach in Meg’s rad car, or to laughing and singing Disney tunes 24/7, I’d say that these are the moments I’ll hold dear to my heart for a long time! The Florida life was the best and all who experience it will only know what truly happens when you work and live the Disney life! Fantasyland was the best place to work where all the real magic was! Some were jealous but I think we all knew how lucky we were that Fantasyland was our home. Princess 4 life as some would say!

Seeing a shuttle launch

While living in Florida I got to experience many new things. One of which I will forever remember. I got to watch a space shuttle leave from Kennedy Space Center. This was the coolest thing I have ever seen! The shuttle took off in the middle of the night. We watched alongside the highway right next to the space center and when the rocket launched the entire sky was lit up by the power of the engine. Then it sounded as if a thousand bowling balls were being dropped from the sky because the rumble was so loud!

Becoming closer to Emo

For all you blog stalkers and friends reading this YES that is her name… E-M-O. That’s it so don’t ask about it. Miss Emo Henshaw and I have known each other since our freshman year of college BUT the reason she makes the list of 2008 is because our friendship hit a new high in 2008. Though our friendship is constantly soaring to new limits, our experience at Disney sealed our fate! Going to Disney with her was hands down the most amazing experience ever. We were able to share the experience of a lifetime and live the “magic” together. Good thing we have each other in our lives. We are always told that we are Disney-holics and that we talk about Disney tooooo much. But since we have each other we can converse about it with ourselves and not annoy everyone else! She is an amazing friend and I don’t think we would have had the chance to become closer if we hadn’t gone to WDW. I think that I am most grateful that I came out of that internship with a best friend, one that will surely be in my life for a long time!

Hearing my little sis got rookie of the year

My little sister Ash completed her first year of college in Minnesota. She ran cross country for them and also ran track for her college. Now she’s modest, but I am not! I will brag about her all day long! She was named rookie of the year for athletes at her school and this includes every single sport! Yes she is an all-star and we don’t know how she got to be so good at running! Her hard work has paid off and I am one proud big sis! She broke a record and is doing so amazing! I could not be happier for her! This is one of my top memories because I think she is a speed racer and is just so remarkable at running!

Going to Euro

I am going to live in Europe one day! I went to Europe for 35 days in the summer. This was a dream I have had my entire life and it was finally fulfilled! I swam in the French Riviera in the Med Sea, I had Belgian waffles in Belgium, I went to mass at the Vatican, I ate gelato till I was sick in Rome, I ate crepes in France while laying by the Eiffel Tower, I went white water rafting in the Swiss alps, I went and saw a real castle in Germany, and I ended in Spain where the food is unforgettable! This experience was so amazing and someday I will live that life again!

Climbing Mt. Borah

A 13 hour hike did make my list of top memories in 2008 but I didn’t say that all the memories would be good! Well no I don’t regret hiking Idaho’s tallest mountain, but it was miserable. The family part was fun. We went on a guided climb with other climbers and boy was this hike so intense! I was proud of the Irons fam for attempting this mountain but never again will I hike for that long again!

Having my friends return home

After freshman year, a lot of my guy friends left on missions for their church. For two years I kept in contact with them and now that it is my last year they have all returned to USU. It has been so fun to have them back here! Memories are made every day with these boys around.

Introduced to Twilight

Edward Cullen has changed my life. All I have to say is that my life is now different that he is in it. I am obsessed with the Twilight saga and I am not one bit ashamed of it! I share this love with my pal A-Pawlak. She too is an Eddy lover! All my girlfiends have read the books and we were all able to go to the Premiere of the first movie! I will never forget the excitment we all had leading up to that movie!

Spending New Years in NYC

Everyone has got to do it at some point in their life! I did it with my sister and best friends from Utah State. Vacationing with Amy and Ash is the best! I would say that we are best friends and we'll continue to travel to NYC for many years to come! We welcomed 2009 from downtown NYC in Times Square. I love this city and the chaos and excitement bring a thrill to me every time I step foot there. Someone once said, “you come to New York to find the ambiance that will evoke your best. You do not necessarily know precisely what that might be, but you come to New York to discover it.” I think that this quote depicts NYC to a tee. Every time I go there I expect to get an epiphany and I think I always come away having more dreams and aspirations for myself.

So 2008 honestly is a year that is will reminisce about for years to come. It was filled with some of the absolute best memories thus far in my life. I thank everyone that was a part of them because they made it all more special!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun

Spring Break 2009 was a blast! This year I was lucky to have basically two separate breaks. For the first part of the trip I went to Palm Springs, CA. Sunny weather in the 70s and a pool were all we needed. Talk about paradise. Seven of us made the 796 miles drive. Me, Emo, Ashley, Emily Laura, Amy, and Christian (Amy's boyfriend). We were lucky to break the trip up. We stayed in Vegas one night and we were able to go on the Vegas Strip. Then we continued on to Palm Springs. For 4 days we were able to enjoy the nice weather. All we did was lay at the pool.... our main priority was returning to Logan with a tan!

For the second half of the break Emo and I met up with a group of our friends in St. George, Utah. We decided that we wanted to show our outdoorsy side and spend some quality time in nature at Zion's National Park. We did a lot of hiking. The entire time I could not stop repeating the phrase, "this is so beautiful." The red rocks in southern Utah are a sight to be seen. The whole park was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. To show we had courage and could keep up with the boys, Emo and I hiked Angel's Landing. Let's just say that there are parts of that hike where you have to walk holding onto chains and on ledges that if you fall you fall to a terrible and painful death. Zion's was a blast!