Monday, October 1, 2012

Lynn and Steve

* * truly the best parents a girl could have * *
i am so lucky

we were able to meet in Logan this past weekend
we attended the aggie homecoming football game
it was a great weekend
we had a blast

-- walks
-- talks
-- a grocery run
-- a new outfit


i love that they are my best friends, my biggest fans, and my greatest supporters

so blessed

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i blogged

hey all
blogging really took the back seat
i don't know why
but i figured i could give an overview of how my summer was spent
my family sure enjoys this little blog
jameson and i ventured to his home state of michigan
we were able to visit his family and cute nephews and nieces
we love them
they keep things fun and busy
* * * * *
isn't she a beautiful bride
emily and jackson tied the knot in salt lake city
* * * * *
i made a trip down to southern utah
tinna, a fellow friend i met in switzerland, was able to visit utah for a week
i loved playing hostess
i think she had a great time
* * * * *
another beautiful bride
hannah (high school bff) tied the knot with kasey
i was able to spen a week up in northern idaho
* * * * *
august was all about family vacations
warm lake
lots of lake time lovin'
* * * * *
turned the big 2-6
when did i move into my mid twenties
i had lots of friends and family that spoiled me
* * * * *
for a birthday gift, mom and dad got me tickets to see norah jones
she put on a great show and sounded a-maz-ing
* * * * *
we were able to spend 2 weeks in minnesota
more family time
a wedding, the lake, lots of good food, and great company
* * * * *
i started a garden
all summer we had fresh veggies
* * * * *
june also brought a very big day
i graduated from nursing school
i could not have done it without the support of my family and friends
i made it it wahoooooo
well there you go
a little update in photos
all you gotta know is:
i am currently looking for a registered nurse postion
i am healthy
i am enjoying and loving life
i am sad that my sister lives far from me
jameson is doing well
i am ready to embrace fall

Monday, May 14, 2012

old post. tanzania.

this needs to be posted.
mostly for my own benefit to look back at, but maybe some will also enjoy it.
------- tanz.
i have been back for a month.
it seems longer.
the last of the orange dirt was washed off my toms. my clothes no longer smell of traveling. and my hair has been washed enough to have forgotten about the frizzy/curly/crazy period it went through.
[[but i do miss it.]]
---> i miss the country of tanzania. i miss my sister. i miss maggie. i miss the simplicity of their lives. i miss the red dirt roads. i miss the gardens. i miss the shades of green. i miss the smiling nuns that greeted me every morning. i miss the orphans and their bare feet that ran all over the villiage. i miss the cold showers. i miss the mosquito nets. i miss the warm heat. i i miss the morning bell. i miss it all.
what an experience.
i am lucky.
no words can sum up my trip. no photos do that country justice.
was it a dream?
did i really get to see my sister's life?

---> non stop.
the trip was filled with many adventures. it started off with a 14 hour bus ride. this bus took us west from the coast to ashley's village of chipole.
chipole, tanzania, her home.
home is exactly what it was. her house. her church. "her family" away from our family. her job. her room. her clothes. i was able to see and live her life. day in and day out.

highlights :::
---> christmas.
spending christmas away from home was a first for all of us. but we managed quite well. we all talked to our families at home. and sure enough, i had an entire suitcase full of treats and christmas items. we did christmas right. santa visited. we baked treats galore. and we enjoyed celebrating mass tanzanian style.

---> orphans.
we visited the orphanage a couple times. nothing but smiles greeted us every time. the impact the little kids made on my life is hard to explain. every visit was filled with music, dance, giggles, hugs, treats, and happiness. what joy they can bring to one's soul.

---> beauty.
the landscape and beauty of chipole was vibrant. full of life and color. it screamed africa.

---> safari time. 
it was straight out of the lion king. i couldn't have imagined a better day. we jumped in the vehicle and out we went. we saw many animals. ate lunch in a boa-boa tree. then went to scope out more animals. once in a life time. i think we saw 50 giraffes. 200 zebras. 1,000 impalas. 5 lions. 15 elephants. and hippos. baboons. and more. it was unreal. at points we were feet away.

it was an amazing experience to say the least. once in a lifetime adveture with my sis. life was simple. time stood still. no cell phones. no internet. no cars to travel in.
i loved it all.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


{being friends with you has added a bright spot to my life}

realization ::: i have wonderful girlfriends
they are such an example to me
i love them all
i was able to see many at a baby shower
then we were able to get together in SLC
i was able to catch a concert as well 
all with my girlfriends
i am lucky
and so blessed

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


my first half marathon was a success

-i actually enjoyed it-
(i was very worried. the serious training came 3 weeks before.)
i ran it with two best friends.
[emo and ash]
we had to match.
2 hours and 6 minutes later we were smiling at the finish line.
(and i made my goal time)

plus we had super fan with us
sure do love him
is it weird i am already looking for another one to run?
very weird.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


a new babe has joined the spooner family.
[ari hale spooner]
i met him over the weekend.


march was here.
march left.
like that y'all.

[1] birthday.
brooke turned the big .twenty five.
we were able to celebrate with a birthday dinner and bowling
[plus we celebrated her recent engagement to nic]

best of friends

only amy ivins can wear a skirt bowling and rock it.

[2] easter.
treated us very well
[we were reminded of the many blessings we have in oue lives]

[3] room.
i have been re-doing my room
finally have all the pillows sewn and in place

[4] jazz games.
jameson and i have been lucky enough to catch many jazz games this season
most of the games we came away with the win
[good times]

that's my life.