Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm moving

hey all
i'm moving blogs
changing things up [for a bit]
go to this link

to follow my adventures in europe
so add it to your list to catch new updates

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

time to go

leaving on a jet plane,
don't now when i'll be back again

next tuesday 2.23.10
i'm leaving this place i call home
to start a new adventure
i know i said germany---> originally
but scratch that
we are going a little more south
geneva, switzerland baby
home of the b-e-a-utiful Alps
follow me
i'll write all about this journey
for all who want to read
{i will post the link to my european travel blog soon}

my motto i am going to follow
"she wanted to start living the dream she'd imagined."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love comes to those who believe

Happy Valentine's Day to you all

love is unusually difficult to define
it is an abstract concept

I love many things
family. friends. life.
I love the color PINK
and you see it everywhere on v-day


Sunday, February 7, 2010

best friends

i would like to say thank you
thank you to all my friends
anyone reading this post is a friend of mine

girl friends are pretty important these days
*they become your family
*your sisters
*your kindred spirits

and I know one thing is true
i am so blessed for the ones i have

this past week a few of my best friends came to i.d.
what a visit
more good times in the memory book
t-h-a-n-k y-o-u

Dear friends of mine:
----best friends----

B- bring you happiness when you are feeling blue
E- end your sadness
S- support you and lend their shoulder to cry on
T- teach you to be a better person

F- fun girls nights
R- roadtrip buddies
I- important to me
E- endless photos
N- never let you down
D- do what it take to be a best friend
S- singing together at the top of our lungs

and this is why i am happy

sunday, feb. 7th

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Zac E

recently i subbed in the middle school
i saw about 15 Z-Efron wannabees
they all have the same hair styles:
---->long shag
---->swooped over bangs

---->pretty sure a razor was used to do the works

you are an .icon. to these middle school boys

& it's the truth
{you have great hair}