Thursday, May 26, 2011

first concert of the season
let the summer time jammin' begin
i love attending summer concerts
took the stage in s.l.c. this week
they put on quite the show
we had a great time
[dancing.singing.playing rockband]
chels--> guitarist
emo--> lead singer
emily--> on the drums
* * thanks for the invite emo * *
bring on another
i'll be at them all summer long

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i rarely choose to ride the roller coasters at amusment parks

: : somedays : :
my life truly feels like a roller coaster
is it normal to laugh and cry all in a days work
is it normal to be on a high at lunch time but then when the afternoon rolls around you fell like giving up
is it normal to want to run away at times and then other days you can't imagine leaving your current life
i . hope . so
i hope you all answered yes
[and if you didn't... please, oh please, send me your secrets]

im human
and im ok with the roller coaster called life
i think life is similar to that of the roller coaster
coasters are a series of twists and truns
ya {love} going up, and scream going down
it's fun and fast
and when they make me get off... you don't care as long as you loved every minute of the ride
both have ups and down
both can be fun one minute and terrifying the next
it matters if you sit in the front or the back [everyone has their own experience]
both are more fun when shared with others
: : : : : :
good thing i have more ups than downs
life is all about that ride
* * im blessed * *
oh and i have two best friends like these that get me through those weird days

thanks you two
i got ya next time

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

is it about time

it has been a long while since i last posted
.forgive me.
what has been going on {everything}
where have i been {all over}
am i even alive {yes}
everyone likes to see photos
so i will catch you up with a couple photos
stories coming later {perhaps}
tess became a mrs.
she was married in the slc temple last weekend
it was a beautiful day
[i hang around gorgeous girls.. i know]
i flew to minnesota for a quick trip
my little sister graduated from college
where did time go
? ? ?
we went out and we were able to see her run her last track meet
we were one proud family
she is back
my best friend amy lyn returned from her life abroad
though i loved knowing that she was living a grand and wonderful european life
it was great to reunite over lunch
i love her
{let our summer fun begin}
this boy and i keep having fun
if the weather would stay nice we would and could start our summer bucket list
i am enjoying life
it is busy, crazy, non-stop, and stressful with school and work
but once the weather is nice i will be happier
pool time
summer clothes
tan lines
{just a few things i am ready for}
i love you all

Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh the places you'll go

i like to think back to what i was doing a year ago
and the year before that
and the year before that
life is always changing
it takes us on different paths
just when you've packed up your life and you're ready to head in one direction
[ [ boom ] ]
you've been punked and off you go on a different adventure
the sun is shining
the flowers are blooming
and i am here in salt lake city
last year
i was in italy on this day
a visit with the pope
once in a life time
two years ago
i was at graduation
my college graduation
aggie graduation was a great day
i have enjoyed reading blog posts and facebook statuses about graduation
what an exciting time for everyone
i still remember all of it
congrats to the 2011 graduates


happy cinco de mayo

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

april in photos

the month of april held some great moments
one weekend i went up to logan to visit some new moms
{b} baby rowan is here
{a} april knighton is a mom
{b} bums.. tiny little bums
{i} interesting birth stories.. i'm now "more" aware of what goes on
{e} easter dresses
{s} sadie knighton is a diva
spring has welcomed some precious babies. paige and jordan now have little rowan. april and brett have little sadie. these two little honey bees are so precious. so tiny. so cute. i fell in love with them both. how could you not!
welcome to our world sadie! 

little rowan was the size of a cafe rio burrito
what a little princess she will be
while in logan we had sunny weather
we took the casperson's bikes on a ride
who knew ashley hall casperson would own 3 bikes
we rode up and down the streets of our {old} town
we are very faithful when it comes to our monthly dinners
girls only
[ [ time for catching up ] ]

easter came
off to twin falls i went
megan starley had a bridal shower
great food
great gifts
great friends
then came the wedding
m and g tied the knot
it was a beautiful wedding

thank you april
you treated me well