Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little cupid won't be visiting my heart this year

I was running an errand today and I didn’t have any CDs in the car. So I thought to turn on the radio. As I flipped from station to station I found that it was a weird coincidence that every station in Logan was playing “love songs.” And then a radio announcer came on and said, “This next song is for Rick. This is from your fiance Lisa and it is “How do I live” by Leann Rimes.” I was fed up after going through 4 radio stations and hearing only songs like this I promise you from Nsync or Wind beneath my wings by Bette Midler or the worst of all of them I will always love you by Whitney Houston! Yes 4 of the very few radio stations of Utah were all playing love songs in preparation for this upcoming holiday known as Valentine’s Day! Then it hit me! I wanted to shout “WHY GOD WHY” This is a joke! Someone in heaven is really having a good laugh from this! I put two and two together and I realized that all the stations were promoting love. They were all encouraging relationships. So what a start to a Wednesday.

Valentine’s Day is the annual holiday honoring lovers. I’ve always said that it is a holiday that reminds us that don’t have someone that we are alone. And then V-day reminds the folks that already have someone that they ALREADY have someone! Hello America… why do those people need reminding? Being dateless on Valentine’s Day can evoke feelings of loneliness and self-doubt! But you know what?!!? In my opinion “Love” is not about a particular day, or about cards, flowers, or even being in a relationship!

How many people even know that the reason we are celebrating that day dates way back in time. We are actually celebrating the death of an old saint who was executed on February 14, 270 AD. Executed, killed, and slaughtered! It is a day celebrating his death, not LOVE! Punked you America! So now our society has made it up to be this big day of showing the one you love how much you love them… but why not let that be a daily thing? Don’t worry I am not anti-love because of past, screwed up relationships, (not to name any names but one rhymes with "pod" and "bod") but I do think that this holiday is slightly pathetic. And don’t get me wrong I love “love” and I love seeing couples in love and watching movies of love but sometimes it just gets to be too much. But we as singles don’t have to stay home on Valentine’s Day! We don’t have to stay in a closed house away from the world, eating ice cream and in our PJ’s by 8 just because we are single! No no no, I plan to enjoy the day to its fullest. Carpe diem… like they say!

I mean I obviously can't spend time romancing on Valentines' Day since I'm not seeing anyone, but I can still be happy and cheerful that day. I am single by choice! I do like V- day since it's a day with good vibes and love all around but I believe in celebrating and spreading love every minute… hahaha that’s the truth! I don’t need to look around and compare myself to other people because I am truly happy and content with myself! Here are some tips I saw on the internet from Dr. Laura S. Brown. She suggests ways for us single folk to cope with this holiday:

1. Do not define yourself by your relationship status. Your relationship status is not your identity!-- 2. If you are single because of a recent loss (or breakup in my case hahaha) you can allow this to be a day of grieving. Do not pretend that it’s not a hard day. Get support and sympathy.-- 3.Think of all the money you are saving for this holiday!-- 4. If you are single and lovin it then be proud of how independent you are! (yes power to me!)-- 5. Spend time with the other people in your life that you love- friends, family, animals, etc.

So there you go! Us singles do have a light at the end of the tunnel! We are satisfied! Unique! Happy! Now it’s slightly cliché but cute. My parents got engaged on Valentine’s Day 25 years ago. Yes that is right; 25 years ago they decided to make plans to tie the knot. Will I ever have the same fate as them? Yes I will! It will be my time and happily ever after someday, but for all you people that are worried about my single, unmarried, 22-year old, female self, the time is not yet and I am happier than ever right now!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sucked into the world of blogging

So here I am 22 years old. Single, still in school, and still living off of my parents (which I really appreciate mom and dad). Recently I have been sucked into this world they call blogging. I always saw blogging as something that only married couples and families participated in. Us unmarried, single, low-lifes have to stick to facebook until we say "I do." I blame my friend Ashley P for this new obsession. At first it started off as something for me to look at and be amused by while I worked at the computer labs on campus. Occasionally I would check out the blogs of my friends and read about their lives since mine is so boring lately. Well then a couple weeks ago, it became the first thing I did every time I jumped on a computer. I would go directly to to check out friend's blogs and start reading of their funny stories and check out all their new photos. Then I would move on to their "followers" and soon enough I would be on someones second cousin's, brother-in-law's, older sister's blog. ENOUGH I said. This is pathetic! I realized that I can't live waiting day by day to read about my friend's lives. It is like waiting for Santa to come and it is only October. DREADFUL! So a light bulb came on in my head that maybe I should just join in on the madness and I should use my time that I spend "stalking" and make my own blog. So that is how this all began. But see my blog won't be funny or anything like that, but it will be a way for me to use my time and not always spend my free time on that second cousin's, brother-in-law's, older sister's blog. So maybe blogging is the NEW facebook. I think that it is something that everyone will eventually join and as people say jump on the band wagon. I mean they even have books for sale at the bookstores called 100 Essential Blogging Resources or Blogging 101. Really! So it is a phenomenom that is taking off among computer users. And what can I say, it hooked me!