Friday, June 24, 2011

live it up

it's the best season
i've been livin' it up
<< time to attend summer concerts >>

<< time to enjoy palying outside >>

<< time for slumber parties >>

<< time for SLC farmers market >>

<< time for s'mores and treats >>

<< time for pool side >>

<< all in all... a good time for everything >>

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

jp for the [win]

i confess
that i watch the bachelorette
every week
this post will make no sense if you do not watch that show
and good for you
it is the way i get the week rolling
it is the reason i wake up not necessarily hating mondays
it is an excuse to set aside a couple hours on mondays to watch drama unfold
lots of ridiculous drama
it is an excuse to make dinner as a group and lounge on the couch
though i cant stand ashley
i still tune in
because i love this guy
we all do

JP is probably the most liked man
he is a stud
but how annoyed were you that ashley compared everything on a scale of bentley
** the entire episode **
she definitely said bentley 100 times

...oh this show

the way we get by

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a phrase of french

i returned from europe
with multiple phrases that i planned/hoped to incorperate into my daily conversations
i wanted to use phrases like cheers and chao and au revior
but sadly
- this never happened -
but there is one phrase that i do use on a regular basis
one that flows naturally out of my mouth
one that seems fit fo the situations in my life

c'est la vie

thus is life... come what may...
i use this always

...i love b*witched for making a song of this too

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fact [:] i run around

growing up our summers consisted of vacations
[small and big]
when you have parents that are college teachers
you get the huge plus of hanging out all summer long and playing
so now that i'm grown up... this idea and concept of summer hasn't changed
i still manage to get away
did i tell you
that i'm going to chicago
for a long weekend at the end of july
me and this kid
along with the rest of the spooner family
i am {very}excited to see a new city
i am {very} excited to watch a baseball game
i am {very} excited to be in the sunshine
i am {very} excited to site see
i am {very} excited to hangout and relax
i am {very} excited to play with a niece and 2 nephews
i am {very} excited for it all
i cant wait

Sunday, June 5, 2011

we like to eat

summer time = fair food