Monday, October 31, 2011

caramel apples

{ { on halloween } }
.i dip
.you dip
.we dip


Sunday, October 30, 2011


i had high hopes for this october 31st. in my mind i pictured jameson and i dressing up as a cute couple idea. [finally a boyfriend to dress up with] well that didn't happen. every year i seem to always have a great costume in my head---> usually a month in advance. and then october flies by and halloween weekend i end up putting something [else] together. yep. happened last night. but actually jameson and i were still able to round up some costumes. i went as waldo and j went as a jabbawalkie... aka a dance crew from the show abdc. we went to a dance party and we had a GREAT time. check out the pics.

happy halloween

Friday, October 28, 2011

Born in the 80s

here is an equation from my thursday night

5 girls + spandex leggings + neon colors + sweat bands and hair scunchies + side ponytail and crimped hair + 80s hits + killer moves = [one] successful night of dancing

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

so i am going somewhere for the holidays


take a look at my wednesday night read for a hint




i am headed to tanzania, africa for {3} weeks to see my sister


december 18 needs to get here


i am still in shock from my excitement

Sunday, October 23, 2011


today was a day i admired creation
it was the perfect fall afternoon
[talk about blessed]
we went up the canyon on a walk
jameson and i
the fall leaves we're un.real
energy for the soul
enjoy some photos
have a good sunday

Friday, October 21, 2011

the club.

[[quarter pieces stick together]]
happy birthday to this miss

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

let's play catch up

i have not blogged since my birthday
i have been 25 for almost [three] months
life as a 25 year old is GREAT
: : haha : :
(well it feels pretty much the same)
but life is going well
*** i see some friends giving overdue updates on their lives
so i don't feel as bad
we have all been busy
[[i have been as busy as a bee]]
it is now the middle of october
? ? how did this month go so quick ? ?
here is an update to get us up to speed
: sister
the little sister is livin' life in africa
she has been there for nearly 3 months
we look forward to every letter, email, and phone call
we miss her
: family in SLC
my parents have made two trips to salt lake recently
i am one lucky girl when they come around
they spoil me to the max
i love having them visit
we have a great time
we attended oktoberfest at snowbird mountain
it was a blast
we also were able to see the broadway show mary poppins
: we have been enjoying the fall weather
trying to take advantage of it all
i love utah in the fall
: trip to mesquite [with vegas included]
i went south with some friends
we spent time at the pool, shopping, and hanging out
great little vay-cay
: bear lake
a group of us managed to get up to bear lake for a weekend
it was very relaxing
we slept a lot
we ate a lot
we played lots of games
we shot guns
we took rides
we had a blast

: roommates
the girls moved in next door
talk about perfect
i love having them near
it is always a party
: fair
we attended to utah state fair
wilson phillips performed and it was awesome
i grew up blasting their hits
we had a fun group join us
: school
another thing that has taken up my time
this quarter just ended
another quarter closer to being an r.n.
: idaho
idaho has been a favorite state for me and jameson lately
the oast two weekends we visited that state
i love going home

& there you go bloggers

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I live in a good place.
[[ Salt Lake City ]]
Last night I was reminded why I love this place. It truly is a lovely place to call h.o.m.e for the time being.

It is the city where most of my best friends call home.
It is full of wonderful restaurants.
It is close enough to Twin Falls , ID (more important--my parents).
It sits in front of some of the best mountains.
It has 4 seasons.. Though winter over stays its welcome.
It provides endless entertainment.

So for now I'm very content with the great SLC.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

pinterest craft

don't even get me started on this topic
___my new love___
(this will be my first of many posts about this website)

anyways... i found this cute idea on pinterest

(if you want to try)
1: hollow out a pumpkin
2: find some fall colored flowers and put them in
3: add a bow

(final product ::: pinterest < left side > and mine < right side >


jameson and i went to idaho for the weekend. we enjoyed good food and good company. we never go hungry. it was a beautiful fall weekend. i love this season.