Thursday, April 16, 2009

life as of late... numero uno

We watched Season 5 of 24 a couple weekends ago, all I want to say is that we LOVE Jack Bauer! We watched EVERY episode in about 36 hours... haha the life we have is slightly pathetic but we all need a weekend like this at some point! We were so proud and what an accomplishment!

Friends are great!
We had warm weather about a week and a half ago, and I don't know where it went! On that day we played frisbee golf, sand volleyball, went on a run and walk. It was a day of friends and fun we called it... cheesy we know! Later we got together at a benefit concert to raise money for people in Nepal... well Christian, Nat, and Brian had this function and we attended it. We all had pizza and root beer floats while enjoying each other's company and we also got to see R-dawg Traveller perform. It was a fun night!

B-rit-ney SPEARS in SLC

I was able to go to Britney Spears in concert. This is not a joke! Talk about blast from the past! Seeing her in concert took me directly back to my childhood! She was da bomb back then and as for now..... well she still looks good at least. I really enjoyed when she sang "hit me baby one more time." For all of you B-lovers that was track number 1 on that cd and this song made her FAMOUS! (I was a big fan) Singing to Brit was a once in a lifetime thing and although the show wasn't nearly as good as I had dreamed it ever being, I still enjoyed the show. She was amazing back then, but not so much now. And PS I found out that she lip sings to her songs..... wow what a let down! And don't get me wrong, I was screaming and dancing to Womanizer, Circus, and some others, but really Brit's time is over :( and it is a sad day for me now tha tI realized that hahahah..... I went with Tris, Ash, and the Metts.


Spring is in the air and you know what holiday is in spring?? EASTER!! Randi and Tyson had some us over for a spring season kick off party. While the boys played their video games, the girls (Randi, me, Amy, Emo, and Ash) had a little Easter party. We made yummy sugar cookies with the best frosting! We had fun decorating the cookies with sprinkles all provided by Mrs. Randi T. What a way to cheer us up! Then we dyed eggs and I would say that dying eggs is my FAVORITE part about Easter! Look at my eggs! A rainbow perhaps! We also had a BBQ on Randi's new grill! In the photo you can see Randi and Tys with the newest member of their hous.... the grill! The Travellers are so great for having us over and we all adore them!

This past weekend my parents and I went to Zion National Park in southern Utah! We had beautiful weather that was so beautiful to hike in. My dad and I made it to the top of angels landing and there is a photo of us coming off the mountain! We had a blast just the three of us. (no sister Ashley)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I've been absent from blog world.....

Have you wondered where I have been? Unfortunately I wasn't on a cool vacation to Jamaica, more so I have just been very occupied with my daily life. School has really taken up most of my time. There are only four weeks of school left, (including finals) and that means I am only 26 days away from graduating. THAT'S RIGHT GRADUATION is in the air! In my spare time, I have been doing random things (which you will see in the pictures to come) So stay tuned!