Thursday, December 24, 2009

twas the night before christmas

i love the excitement of this season
i believe in santa
i believe in the christmas spirit

C--> is for christ
H--> is for hot chocolate
R--> is for roudolph
I--> is for icing on the cookies
S--> is for santa
T--> is for tree
M--> is for mistletoe
A--> is for all the family is together
S--> is for snowflakes

Merry Christmas
Happy holidays
I love you all

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

embracing special moments

In the past couple days i have shared some special times
and created new memories with friends
.some old. .some new.
First topic of discussion:
Graduation time... again?
So as all of you know I graduated last May
32 weeks ago....
Time flies
The graduation tune is still fresh in my mind
This time I watched from the stands
As a proud friend and as an aggie alumni

I got to see my two best friends walk the stage

They did it!
(I was overwhelmed with happiness and tears on this day)
They are the greatest friends.... EVER
We look back to our freshman year and remember how
the journey was to get to this point!
I was so happy for these two on their big day!

Birdy-Bird also flew in to graduate from her new home of
She also walked this day

{Meet Lukas}

{Movin on to the next topic of my blog post}
the twelfth and last month of the year
home to the holiday season
{let it snow}

And that it did
pretty flakes.
frosted logan.
winter wonderland.


Bloggers----> presenting:
FROSTY the snowman
{height:} about 6'2"
{weight:} frosty should lay of the candy canes this year
3 to move the bottom into place
3 to lift the body on
and WOW that head...
Let's just say it is a good thing Emo and I work out

LAST but not LEAST
I have 4 more days in Logan, Ut 84321
Where next?
Off to start a new adventure
CHANGE is on the horizon for me
I will keep you posted

Monday, December 7, 2009

A week in review

Cougars for dinner
Utah State vs. BYU basketball
{i hate BYU}
So did everyone in attendance at the game
The aggies won
one of the most exciting games EVER
and the signs that aggie fans made
true-blooded aggs
Bring em' out
bring em' out
Tis' the season for an ugly Christmas sweater party
Every year someone at USU throws a Christmas party
This year's was the
Emo and I looked like stunna babes
even with our RED lipstick
I am sure many looked at us and thought
{oh man look at them, can I have yo number?}
My sweatshirt read:
"The greatest gift is that of education"
hahahaha enough said
dancing to hits
Mariah Carey {All I want for Christmas is you}
NSYNC {Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays}
oh and don't forget the premiscuous ---> Santa baby
the party had mistletoe stations around the house
if you were caught under one when the siren went off
.......well you had to pucker up
{smootch time}
Confession: {Emo and I kissed boys}
One of my favorite boys at USU
Host of the party... J. Spooner
look at that real tree behind us
Did I mention that
paid a visit to the party
Singing happy birthday off TUNE

Tris is now the big 2-2

I have loved being her room mate

BABY Girl on the way

My friend Taryn was in Logan over the break and it was time to have a baby shower for her. Little "Stella" will be arriving after the holiday season... she'll be precious! I hope I will be as cute and as thin as Taryn.....