Monday, December 7, 2009

A week in review

Cougars for dinner
Utah State vs. BYU basketball
{i hate BYU}
So did everyone in attendance at the game
The aggies won
one of the most exciting games EVER
and the signs that aggie fans made
true-blooded aggs
Bring em' out
bring em' out
Tis' the season for an ugly Christmas sweater party
Every year someone at USU throws a Christmas party
This year's was the
Emo and I looked like stunna babes
even with our RED lipstick
I am sure many looked at us and thought
{oh man look at them, can I have yo number?}
My sweatshirt read:
"The greatest gift is that of education"
hahahaha enough said
dancing to hits
Mariah Carey {All I want for Christmas is you}
NSYNC {Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays}
oh and don't forget the premiscuous ---> Santa baby
the party had mistletoe stations around the house
if you were caught under one when the siren went off
.......well you had to pucker up
{smootch time}
Confession: {Emo and I kissed boys}
One of my favorite boys at USU
Host of the party... J. Spooner
look at that real tree behind us
Did I mention that
paid a visit to the party
Singing happy birthday off TUNE

Tris is now the big 2-2

I have loved being her room mate

BABY Girl on the way

My friend Taryn was in Logan over the break and it was time to have a baby shower for her. Little "Stella" will be arriving after the holiday season... she'll be precious! I hope I will be as cute and as thin as Taryn.....


  1. Sounds like a great week! :) Thanks so much for coming to the shower. It was so so great to see you. You are as beautiful as ever!

  2. you two both kissed someone?? haha, I want to know who both of you kissed!!! did I read that right, you kissed spooner??

  3. I love Chelsea Irons and I love that I creep around until I find my friend's blogs!!! hahaha! You're a babe-- hope Logan is treating you well!