Monday, August 24, 2009

Standing on the Edge of Summer

Talk about a BOMB-dot-COM summer.

Living the summer life with your best friends…. Nothing sounds better!

This summer life was good..... no..... GREAT

Each and every day was filled with and adventure and a great memory to put in the book! I put together a list of nine rockin things that made my summer a blast





---Summer night BBQ's---


---TENNIS..... we formed a club---

---Trips to SLC---


I am sad that summer is O-V-E-R! Today was back to school for my fellow aggie friends and the rainy day deffinately set my mood.... but I hope the fall will bring more memories my way

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aunty Chelsea?

I have come to the conclusion that THERE IS one great thing about having friends that are married…. I will give you a hint? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the _______ in the ________ carriage! A BABY! Yes the happy married couples can make BABIES! One of my best friends Kaci Lee (Haney) is prego! Wahoo! And she is going to be a great mama! I cannot even tell you the feelings I had when she called me and gave me the GREAT news! I thought it would be weird when my first good pal had a child, but the word to describe this event is epic. So Kaci is due in April and that is already so soon! I already know what their babe will look like because I blended their faces together on a website... good news KACI, boy or girl you guys will have a cutie pie!

I used to spend my spare time on facebook or surfing clothing store websites dreaming that I could afford every outfit from Anthropologie and J. Crew. But now, my computer time is put to good use while I look at baby apparel sites like Baby gap, Ralph Lauren, Childrens place, and oh many more!

In the past couple days I have come to the realization that the one thing that is more exciting than buying my own clothes is buying clothes for a new babe! I am going to spoil this little cherub rotten. Boy or girl, I am going to be an AUNT! Well um sort of! And all this talk about the clothes well don’t even get me started on decorating! There are so many CUTE ideas for a new baby’s room. HELLO POTTERY BARN KIDS! From the wall color to the things as simple as the crib sheets, everything is so exciting! Anyways Kaci CONGRATS and I am so happy for you and Ryan. Let the countdown begin!