Wednesday, October 19, 2011

let's play catch up

i have not blogged since my birthday
i have been 25 for almost [three] months
life as a 25 year old is GREAT
: : haha : :
(well it feels pretty much the same)
but life is going well
*** i see some friends giving overdue updates on their lives
so i don't feel as bad
we have all been busy
[[i have been as busy as a bee]]
it is now the middle of october
? ? how did this month go so quick ? ?
here is an update to get us up to speed
: sister
the little sister is livin' life in africa
she has been there for nearly 3 months
we look forward to every letter, email, and phone call
we miss her
: family in SLC
my parents have made two trips to salt lake recently
i am one lucky girl when they come around
they spoil me to the max
i love having them visit
we have a great time
we attended oktoberfest at snowbird mountain
it was a blast
we also were able to see the broadway show mary poppins
: we have been enjoying the fall weather
trying to take advantage of it all
i love utah in the fall
: trip to mesquite [with vegas included]
i went south with some friends
we spent time at the pool, shopping, and hanging out
great little vay-cay
: bear lake
a group of us managed to get up to bear lake for a weekend
it was very relaxing
we slept a lot
we ate a lot
we played lots of games
we shot guns
we took rides
we had a blast

: roommates
the girls moved in next door
talk about perfect
i love having them near
it is always a party
: fair
we attended to utah state fair
wilson phillips performed and it was awesome
i grew up blasting their hits
we had a fun group join us
: school
another thing that has taken up my time
this quarter just ended
another quarter closer to being an r.n.
: idaho
idaho has been a favorite state for me and jameson lately
the oast two weekends we visited that state
i love going home

& there you go bloggers

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  1. does this mean you are back to updating? cause i miss you. and i love your new header. and i love that things are going well (ya know what i mean!). and i love seeing pics of you cause you are STUNNING.... okay!?!?