Tuesday, June 14, 2011

jp for the [win]

i confess
that i watch the bachelorette
every week
this post will make no sense if you do not watch that show
and good for you
it is the way i get the week rolling
it is the reason i wake up not necessarily hating mondays
it is an excuse to set aside a couple hours on mondays to watch drama unfold
lots of ridiculous drama
it is an excuse to make dinner as a group and lounge on the couch
though i cant stand ashley
i still tune in
because i love this guy
we all do

JP is probably the most liked man
he is a stud
but how annoyed were you that ashley compared everything on a scale of bentley
** the entire episode **
she definitely said bentley 100 times

...oh this show


  1. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! i love love love LOVE this post!! Am I obsessed with bachelorette? Yes. Proudly. Haha. And JP is my favorite! And you have dinners for this?! Someday I will attend k?! Love this. love you.

  2. He is totally my favorite. I Love JP