Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fact [:] i run around

growing up our summers consisted of vacations
[small and big]
when you have parents that are college teachers
you get the huge plus of hanging out all summer long and playing
so now that i'm grown up... this idea and concept of summer hasn't changed
i still manage to get away
did i tell you
that i'm going to chicago
for a long weekend at the end of july
me and this kid
along with the rest of the spooner family
i am {very}excited to see a new city
i am {very} excited to watch a baseball game
i am {very} excited to be in the sunshine
i am {very} excited to site see
i am {very} excited to hangout and relax
i am {very} excited to play with a niece and 2 nephews
i am {very} excited for it all
i cant wait


  1. i love you two. <3

    i know i have never met the spoonster, but i can just tell.

  2. I love you two as well! I am so sad I missed the trip to Twin Falls!