Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i rarely choose to ride the roller coasters at amusment parks

: : somedays : :
my life truly feels like a roller coaster
is it normal to laugh and cry all in a days work
is it normal to be on a high at lunch time but then when the afternoon rolls around you fell like giving up
is it normal to want to run away at times and then other days you can't imagine leaving your current life
i . hope . so
i hope you all answered yes
[and if you didn't... please, oh please, send me your secrets]

im human
and im ok with the roller coaster called life
i think life is similar to that of the roller coaster
coasters are a series of twists and truns
ya {love} going up, and scream going down
it's fun and fast
and when they make me get off... you don't care as long as you loved every minute of the ride
both have ups and down
both can be fun one minute and terrifying the next
it matters if you sit in the front or the back [everyone has their own experience]
both are more fun when shared with others
: : : : : :
good thing i have more ups than downs
life is all about that ride
* * im blessed * *
oh and i have two best friends like these that get me through those weird days

thanks you two
i got ya next time


  1. Yes! I feel the same. A lot. Let's get together soon!

  2. Chels, you are the world's best friend!!! I can't even count the number of times that you have been there for me when I had one of those "not-so-good" days! I am one lucky girl to have a bestie like you!!! Love you Chels!!! In response to Niki's comment as well, YES please can we all get together... and soon!