Tuesday, May 24, 2011

is it about time

it has been a long while since i last posted
.forgive me.
what has been going on {everything}
where have i been {all over}
am i even alive {yes}
everyone likes to see photos
so i will catch you up with a couple photos
stories coming later {perhaps}
tess became a mrs.
she was married in the slc temple last weekend
it was a beautiful day
[i hang around gorgeous girls.. i know]
i flew to minnesota for a quick trip
my little sister graduated from college
where did time go
? ? ?
we went out and we were able to see her run her last track meet
we were one proud family
she is back
my best friend amy lyn returned from her life abroad
though i loved knowing that she was living a grand and wonderful european life
it was great to reunite over lunch
i love her
{let our summer fun begin}
this boy and i keep having fun
if the weather would stay nice we would and could start our summer bucket list
i am enjoying life
it is busy, crazy, non-stop, and stressful with school and work
but once the weather is nice i will be happier
pool time
summer clothes
tan lines
{just a few things i am ready for}
i love you all


  1. love YOU! not having time to post just means you are living the life! xoxo

    miss you.