Monday, March 23, 2009



What would Edward do?

Hey bloggers! Here is a comical approach to the Twilight topic. Eddie is a fictional character. But in our hearts he is real. Everyone wants an Edward Cullen. Some say we cannot all be as lucky as Bella Swan. But GIRLS I have a secret for you, WE CAN! We as females are so precious and we should never settle for anything less than we deserve. While watching Twilight on DVD this weekend with my friends, we found ourselves dreaming and swooning over the character Edward Cullen. Some were basically salivating (ha-ha you know who you are!) As we watched him in this movie we found ourselves asking where is our E-Cullen? Is it just us or does Edward make the rest of the guys in the world seem so lousy and lame?

It really is an unhealthy habit, but I guess even more of a way of life. A need you could call it. A necessity. Edward is right up there with water, food, shelter, and oxygen. All we really need is Edward. This man (aka the most amazing vampire you will ever meet), pretty much gives meaning to life. It is the truth!

So I have a friend and this boy is so lousy to her. Truly he doesn’t even deserve to have a photo in his room of her, but over and over he is let into her life and then over and over hurts he again. So finally I came up with this theory. W.W.E.D. What would Edward do? Would Edward be mean to her and make her cry…. NO! Would Edward put her through hell and back…. NO NEVER! He wouldn’t so we as girls can’t let these fellas in our lives do that because they don’t deserve us. Edward would DIE for you and he would love you forever and ever hahahaha so there will be someone that is the exact same so don’t let your heart settle on something that isn’t as great as our pal Ed! We all dream about our "dream boy" and I have to say that I feel 100% pathetic when I wake up breathing hard just because I had a dream of me and Edward hahaha C + E = true love! But he will be there someday!

Who cares if it is all from a book. SO WHAT IF WE LIKE DAY DREAMING! I think it is so funny when people write twilight slanders on their blogs. It doesn’t matter that Edward Cullen is a character because either way he still has millions of fans of every age. I can tell the difference between fantasy and real life, but the bottom line is that f I have to wait a long time for my Edward Cullen then I will..

Here are the top reasons why I love Eddie!

Because he's EDWARD CULLEN!!!!

Because he's a vampire

Because he is the modern day Romeo

Because he'd rather be ripped to death than live without Bella

Because words like "unequivocally" are used to describe him in every day conversation

Because his crooked smile makes you forget to breathe haha so true

Because he makes girls' hearts want to jump out of their bodies and tap dance

Because he sparkles in the sunlight

Because he pulls off sun glasses better than anyone else

Because he gives us a standard we have to hold our future boys too

What a post haha and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

Yours Who is Truly Twilight Obsessed,



  1. COULD NOT HAVE PUT IT BETTER MYSELF. chels, gosh- you should get this published. as i was watching it this weekend (six times, to be exact) people were bashing it right and left and i was seriously SO ticked. im so glad that we feel the same!
    thanks for lifting my spirits.

  2. ahhh.. and I can think of 1 million other reasons why he is so great! and i am 100 percent with you on the fact that if I one day find someone who loves me as much as Edward loves Bella then everything I have went through is worth it. although, wouldn't it be great if that guy was robert pattinson.. pretty sure i was planning our wedding today while driving home from work. eek!

  3. Chels. I love you. You are so funny. I loved your blog even if I am a Jacob fan.

  4. Ok Chels, you need a man in your life. And then you need a swift kick in the behind until you understand that Edward is NOT real :) That's exactly why these freaking books were so easy to read and get addicted to. But don't worry, I'm an Edward fan too! BTW, I'm pretty sure it was Bella who used the word "unequivocally"'re going to go re-read Twilight right now aren't ya???

  5. (and I am totally kidding, I do love ya!)

  6. HA HA Chelsea if you only knew..... i am absolutly in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Edward and definently not ashamed to admitt it ha ha!! good times huh!!! well you need to come down sometime soon!! i miss ya tons!!! well i love ya and hope all is fabulous!!!:)

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  8. I couldn't have said it any better myself Chels. I am OBSESSED! Oh how I ♥ Edward Cullen...& Ryan too of course ha ha! I miss you in my life CHELS & your FAMILY:)How is everyone? How's your sweet Grandma doing? I've been thinkin of her a lot lately. ♥you!