Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun

Spring Break 2009 was a blast! This year I was lucky to have basically two separate breaks. For the first part of the trip I went to Palm Springs, CA. Sunny weather in the 70s and a pool were all we needed. Talk about paradise. Seven of us made the 796 miles drive. Me, Emo, Ashley, Emily Laura, Amy, and Christian (Amy's boyfriend). We were lucky to break the trip up. We stayed in Vegas one night and we were able to go on the Vegas Strip. Then we continued on to Palm Springs. For 4 days we were able to enjoy the nice weather. All we did was lay at the pool.... our main priority was returning to Logan with a tan!

For the second half of the break Emo and I met up with a group of our friends in St. George, Utah. We decided that we wanted to show our outdoorsy side and spend some quality time in nature at Zion's National Park. We did a lot of hiking. The entire time I could not stop repeating the phrase, "this is so beautiful." The red rocks in southern Utah are a sight to be seen. The whole park was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. To show we had courage and could keep up with the boys, Emo and I hiked Angel's Landing. Let's just say that there are parts of that hike where you have to walk holding onto chains and on ledges that if you fall you fall to a terrible and painful death. Zion's was a blast!


  1. Chels I love it! We had such a blast! I only wish Princess Snow White will come again and we can take her on a real hike in Zions!! What a great time. I am sad to be back in real life.

  2. awe, looks like you guys had a blast! doesn't logan BLOW when you get home. lets move!

  3. no way, no how could i have ever went on that hike. just looking at the pictures makes me want to hyperventilate.