Monday, January 18, 2010

blonde bombshell

Radiant Reese Witherspoon presented one of the awards on last night’s Golden Globes

She looked b.o.m.b.-dot-c.o.m.


she is one of the prettiest women in Hollywood

i know Reese and i would hit it off

her and i would be great friends

i love her:

her --- style

her --- hair

her --- sincerity

she is so classy

I wish I looked this great after a major breakup

It's been official for about {2} months that Reese and Jake called it quits

I was genuinely sad when I saw this in the tabloids

--- simply crushed ---

I remember being at the grocery store and seeing the mag with the words

“split” and "is it over?"

I was a huge fan of their relationship

[So I composed this letter:]

Dear Jake,

you lost



  1. ugh! so did ryan!!! if reese can't keep a guy, we are hopeless! lol

  2. he lost sooo big!
    i loove that you love their relationship,
    cause i was obsessed. but i cant say it outloud cause jord HATES jake... {brokeback mt and all}
    lets hope they stop calling it quits
    and get back together.
    team gyllenhall {sp?} on three.