Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Directionally challenged [that is]:

i have a slight problem. i truly struggle with telling my right from my left. not only during spur of the moment situations but even ones where {in my head} i swear i've checked AND double checked.. and i am still incorrect.

it was discovered that children are developmentally ready to know their left from their right by the time they are seven-years-old.
i guess i was too busy playing with barbies to jump on that band wagon
how many of us bloggers learned to tell the right hand from the left hand by holding them up and noting that the left hand makes an "L" and the right hand doesn't??
---i did---
but still i struggle
last night i was driving my new roommates to ice cream. [and you know first impressions are key.] after getting in the turn lane to turn left after my co-piliot had told me {6} times to go right i was embarrassed. i thought i was going right! or when i went into the ice cream parking lot through the exit [accidentally] and a car was coming straight at us.
i failed to impress that's for sure 
sooo --------> i decided to do some research:
right/left confusion is more common among left-handers. studies show that left-handers have more trouble discriminating left from right. [well hello.. i'm a lefty]

it's a mild disability [ah hahahaha] that 15 percent of the population faces... at some degree.
and i must be among that 15%.... call me one lucky duck

this explains so much about last night's behavior


  1. sweet. love it. Honestly I couldn't really tell my left from my right until I started to drive at 16 years of age. I still get mixed up. Lefties rule!

  2. you're always impressive, friend. haha

  3. I think it's pretty much unanimous that maybe next time I should be the pilot...

    just sayin.