Thursday, September 30, 2010

a member of a club

we have a {club}
a dinner club
some could describe it as:
:: affiliation
:: association
:: bunch
:: friend circle
:: clique
:: company
:: crew
:: gang

but i just call us life long girlfriends

i remember back in college
(hahahaha i am using this phrase as if i were there ten years ago... not two)
when we had slumber parties--->we always made a vow to hang out & to forever be friends
we fantasized about being within driving distance
taking girls trips
and then couple trips
and then family trips.

- - - well so far [so good] - - -
my fellow aggies and i have done a great job thus far.

we all are QUITE busy with our separate lives
(full time jobs, some have husbands, some have kiddos)
and we don't always have the time to catch up with each other.
it takes effort
that doesn't [stop] us
we make do
no. matter. what.
we make it work. every time. some drive far.
? ? ? why ? ? ? 
because it is important
because it provides us time to laugh and laugh like little girls
to catch up on life changing news
to reminisce about fond memories of our past
because girlfriends are [essential] to the well being of anyone
because we realize that someday we may not be within driving distance
because we have to take the chance to be around the friends we love while we can

our lives are much different than they were freshman year 

last night we had our monthly dinner
emo does a great job of coordinating them
: : : : : : : : : :
so as the sun set in SLC
7 young women sat on a patio
laughing, joking, smiling, with warm hearts
there are a lot of changes on our horizons

  • moving to a different country for one,
  • a second boy for another,
  • a wedding in January for an upcoming bride,
  • and a haircut

our future courses are continuing

we missed the ones that couldn't be there
i love these remarkable and admirable grown up young women
they help make me
i [love] our monthly dinners

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