Monday, September 20, 2010

early riser in the a.m.

my morning came quick today
buzzzzzz went my alarm clock
i thought if i bought a cute, new alarm clock at urban outfitters it would help [and urge] me to wake up better. you know maybe this trendy and adorable thing would be my golden ticket to waking up early??!! ha-ha-ha what was i thinking---> yea right
bottom line: i already returned that alarm clock and got a refund

the little voice in my head was urging me to sleep in for another 10 mins.. and another 10 mins
i hate getting up early for work
::: hate :::
if i could sleep till 8:30 or 9 everyday
i would be content
[but] that isn't the case anymore
considering i started work today

and i told myself:
this is going to be quite the adjustment considering my lifestyle for the past year

::: so as of now my wake up time will be between 6:30 & 7:00 :::

ohhhhh help me


  1. it's okay, I'll be upstairs pitter-pattering around. i'll make you some coffee.

  2. 5:00 am for me :(


    have a good day tomorrow!!

  3. I'm sorry friend, just another annoyance of growing up. Join the club! But at least we don't have it as bad as Ash Pawlack. Counting down the days to daylight savings!

  4. 5 AM Ash P What in the world??? Chels welcome to the "real" world... It is a pain in the A... I've been doing it for eight months now and it doesn't get any easier... so that is something to look forward to. You will LOVE your Saturdays!