Friday, February 25, 2011

notes from amy

here are more notes from her life in london
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[sunny weather]
yesterday was the most beautiful, sunny, warm day we have had so far in london! it was perfect! everyone comes out of the wood works on days like that here. i love it!

[walking the city of london]
i love walking everywhere! i love that i don't have a car. i have only wished for a car one time and that was when i went to the grocery store the first time and bought way too much. i spent the afternoon after the museum just walking around looking at different shops and checking out new restaurants to go to. i think my calves are getting stronger, haha jk! but that is possible with how much i walk. you should bring your pedometer when you come.

[not a tourist]
i bought some postcards yesterday and the guy at the store asked hesitantly if i was visiting and i said yes. then he asked where i was from... he couldn't tell that i was a "tourist" and thought i may have been from europe! i L.O.V.E being american but it's so fun to feel like i am blending into this life here.

[evening walk]
critch got home at an abnormally early time yesterday... 7:30! which is still a long day but is great compared to what it usually is. we went on a walk down across the thames. it was so perfect! i LOVE this place! i really do... i wish i had a video camera rolling so i could share everything with you girls! it was so nice to enjoy the evening with christian! after the walk we went and tried this burger place called gourmet burger kitchen... it was sooo good! best burger i have had thus far in london. so if you are craving a burger while you are here, that is where we are going.

love you! i can't wait to SEE you girls!


  1. She is so cute. So excited for you to visit!!

  2. Chel Belle! Thanks for posting about our life in London! You are the greatest and I can't wait until you get here! Love you lots!