Tuesday, January 4, 2011

just to name a [few]

i know i know.
every blogger seems to have this same post.
it is a great way to reflect on the past year.
was good to me & i would like to say thank you.
. . . . . . . . here are some tops

growing up*
This was a year of growing up. 2010 started out with me moving across the world. The continents look a lot closer when looking at a school globe. Then back to Idaho for the summer. And then I moved to a new city. Salt Lake City, Utah. I was lucky to get a good job at the hospital. A real 40 hour a week job. I never thought I would live in Utah longer than my college years. But I have to say that Salt Lake has truly surprised me. Plus I live with an awesome roommate. I love her. We are working women. 9-5 making money.

Most of my top memories from 2010 stem from this place. It brought so much happiness into my life. I am so lucky that I was able to live in Switzerland and travel that continent as I pleased. Not everyone gets this chance. I am lucky to be that fortunate! I met the most amazing people and I will have some lifelong friendships.

traveling with my sister in ireland*
One of my top memories in life. It was truly amazing to travel this country with a backpack and my little sis. Though we are into our adult years, inside we are still the same little girls that loved to play babies, capture the flag, and dress up. It was so fun to be with her. We traveled that entire country. North, south, east, and west! I will never forget dancing to Irish music, or doing heel clicks in the alleys, or standing at the cliffs pretending we were the seagulls.  I look up to her in so many ways. She is truly amazing in my eyes and I hope that I am as half as cool as her when we are older.

nursing school*
I got into a program in Salt Lake. I am very excited to be a nurse someday soon. I can’t wait of those two simple letters… r.n.

random roadtrips/trips*
I am lucky to have friends that love taking drives and random trips to who knows where. I had some fun mini trips in 2010. Northern Idaho, Mt. Rushmore, Florida, and St. George just to name a few. I love the bonds that you create on road trips. It’s probably due to the fact that you are in a tight closed space for many hours. So you rely on singing and conversing with your mates.

When I graduated college, my sister gave me a small journal. The title on the front read, “She decided to start living the dream she’d imagined.” This was my motto in 2010. It truly was. From the moment January 1st came, I knew I wanted to chase a dream. I think my perspective of myself and of the world is coming together. It has been constantly forming since my first year of college. It is now this great big web of thoughts, experiences, mottos, dreams, hopes, aspirations, and values. I am happy with it. I know there is room for more learning and changes, but I am happy with the outlook I currently have. 2010 really shaped this perspective.

My friends help make me Chelsea. I love them all dearly and I know that in life they truly are the chocolate chips. They are all so special in every way and I can’t wait for more memories in the years to come! (Europe 2011 will be a life TOP I’m sure) I know I have some special people in my life. Boys and girls. I love them dearly. If you are reading this… you are one of them! This year two gal pals tied the knot. Amy and Ash are taking a new path and are beautiful wives. Congrats to them! I am so happy that they are happy!

tamily and thanksgiving*
We were able to have lots of the “irons” side together for Thanksgiving. We had it at our home in TF, Id. Family is important to us Irons. Anytime we all get to be together we are laughing, telling stories, and playing games. It was a wonderful holiday season filled with old and new traditions. Talk about the best TG I have ever had.

there are many more, but i that would fill an entire book. 2010 was filled with many emotions, memories, and people.

lots of love.
happy 2011.

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