Friday, July 9, 2010

pool feet

we took a trip to the middle of no where
dad + mom + me
just to soak up some sun and get away
it had lounge charis
it had a pool
at the pool
i read this book
& loved it
we played a lot of cards & cribbage
by the pool
and sipped a lot of raspberry lemonade
good mini vay cay


  1. love pool days! wish we were laying out TOGETHER instead of a country apart!!

  2. Hey hey - so old friend of Anne and Ashley's - we have met a few times. I noticed you have been in Europe for a while and I feel that - well - honestly - we should be friends. :) I backpacked through Europe a few years ago and would love to get together and chat. My husband unfortunately doesn't feel the way that I feel about travel and so sharing stories with him is... boring. I noticed a T.F. somewhere in your blog - are you in Idaho? We are in TX for the summer, but should be heading back to Utah/Wyoming in the next two months. Ps. I am so incredibley jealous that you got to Ireland that I can't even handle it!!