Sunday, July 18, 2010

a couple misquito bites won't ruin a weekend

i have [great] friends
i spent last week in u-t-a-h
seeing so many good friends
{that post will come soon}
talk about some great summer nights
this past weekend i went with two friends to our cabin. we had a great time. mama and papa irons took good care of us. i love when friends want to visit my great state.
let's be real ----> IDAHO [r][o][c][k][s]
sometimes we spend all of our time in utah... so it was great to get away for some {different} r & r.
floated in the river.
skipped rocks.
played games.
watched tv.
ate lots of food.

good times. great memories. the best of friends.
lots of laughs. sun tanned skin. people watching. morning walk.
star gazing. winning every game we played.
what more could a girl ask for?
i love summer


  1. Chels i want to visit you at your cabin! so pretty!!!

  2. Shoot... stupid working!! I wish I could have come, Chels. I miss you!