Monday, July 5, 2010

let freedom ring

this year.
i. was. lucky.
three nights of fireworks
i love the usa
july 2nd
fireworks show at the aggie stadium
we sang loud & proud to party in the u.s.a.

july 3rd
on to jackson hole, wyoming
{40} of us decided to take on the snake river
white water rafting
full of laughs
shuttering teeth
& cold bodies (after we were drenched by the white water)
--- before photos ---
--- bring it on ---
once we were warm & cleaned up
we headed to jenna walker's backyeard
her wonderful parents hosted a b-b-q for all of us
some played in an intense game of bump
then we went to watch the fireworks show
{fact} ----> the idaho falls 4th of july firewors are the best WEST of the
it was a good night
i was dreamin' in red white & blue

july 4th
i headed back to the good ol' t.f.
night {3} of fireworks
success ---- i can't get enough
after we watched the show
my parents and i had a bon-fire & roasted s'mores
what a great & delicious way to end the fourth of july weekend
there aint no doubt i love this lan


  1. why is your life so cool???

  2. love it. and love fireworks. ah! M.Burt called me about that weekend! I forgot to call her...I'm silly. I'm glad it was fun though. :) Let's chat soon!

  3. I'm glad you got to watch fireworks this year....because guess who didn't? Yeah. ME. BLEH. Hopefully I'll catch some in Utah on the 24th. But I guess life goes on, right? haha

  4. I love that picture of me, you and Mandi. Love, love it.

  5. such cute pics cheals. i was at the aggie stadium too, i wish i would have known you were here so i could come say hi to you.... :( next time cheals, next time.