Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it's here... it's here

i don't know where time has gone.
how is june over
is anyone else asking them self the S.A.M.E. question
<< july >>
- the {seventh} month of the year
only the best month of them all
say it with me
it has a beautiful ring to it
i s.m.i.l.e just thinking of it

_____4th of july_____
it is nearly here
what a festive holiday
i .love. this day
<> the colors
<> the fireworks 
<> the food (yummmmmm)

_____a whole month packed with vacationing_____
all i need is sun. water. and good company.

_____my birthday_____
july 31st 
mark it

_____BBQs & {endless} watermelon_____ 

_____the month when otter pops count as their OWN food group_____
i {can't} get enough

i know for a {fact} that this month is going to rock
 & i hope yours does too

1 comment:

  1. I love how you put "mark it" in a really tiny font under your birthday. haha. You crack me up chels.