Monday, October 12, 2009

it's my life

I have had two great weekends in a row

Filled with friends, fun, and great memories

FIRST UP ---> Oct 2-4


Utah State’s football team played BYU.

We lost…

we knew the “L” would be the outcome

But we did score 2 touchdowns

I hate the cougars

Provo Canyon

Since I stayed the weekend in Provo…

On Saturday we took a drive up Provo Canyon

Tris, me, and Mrs. W, went on a small hike

Autumn Leaves

{All the colors}

B-E-A-utiful colors

My favorite time of the year

Mamma Henshaw

I stayed at the Henshaw house

-great meals… homemade cinni rolls

-fun card games {that ma & pa killed us at}

-girls dinner at Brick oven

-my loving 2nd parents

2ND UP---> Oct 9-11

Dinner time

EMILY was in town


We all went out to TEXAS ROADHOUSE

I love this new restaurant in Logan

It is one of my new favs

Room Mates

This is our first official picture mates

Plus one {amy} but basically a roomie.

Gotta love girls nights

Best Friends

Emo, Amy and I
We drove up Lodan Canyon
we wanted to catch the fall colors
I love these two babes

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  1. so much funnn!!

    question: did you and emo dress up to go see the fall leaves because you were planning on taking pictures???