Saturday, April 30, 2011

hello may. you came quick.

did april seem like a quick month to anyone else?

oh my goodness.

i can't believe how quick april came and went.
i am crossing off the 30th right now.
we got our fair share of "april showers" in slc.
i wasn't thrilled to see snow this week.
 < ugh >
but i'm positive that spring is on its way.
lots of fun things are coming my way.
things that i'm trying to look forward to.
* cinco [as in cinco de mayo. i plan to round up my best pals for a night of tastey mexican food and fun]
* amy's return [this girl and her husband return from their experience in europe in two short weeks.. may 13th needs to get here]
* clinicals [i am well into my nursing quarter, and to say that i'm "very busy" is an understatement. but every week i am working in the hospital as a nurse.. well alongside one]
* sister's graduation [my not-so-little sister graduates from college in two weeks... how is this possible? i am so proud of her]
* all together [we have a trip to minnesota with all my fam for her graduation... all aboard the irons and ganje family train]
* wedding [tess and kimball are tying the knot on the 21st. i can't wait to be a part of their big day]
* memorial day [i will be spending memorial day in the great state of idaho]
some great things are coming my way in may. what a fun month that i get to enjoy. now i just need some good weather. pretty flowers. and some sunshine.
then i am one h.a.p.p.y girl

and [ps] - - - i promise that i'm going to post photos of my april happenings

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