Thursday, March 17, 2011

pinch me.

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i'm wearing green today
happy st. patrick's day

this is the day:
- i eat lucky charms for breakfast
- the one day of the year that i don't care if someone calls my hair red
- the day where i am proud to have family from ireland

the party that isn't going to happen today
....but someday will.

last week i emailed some friends. i love hosting parties. i'm a party planner. i get joy from thinking of decorations, foods, themes, etc.

here are the details of my email:
-game- we will play a game.
-irish meal- i will have my grandma send me the dishes and recipes. every year her entire meal is 100 percent irish. we can modify the dishes or just make tons of GREEN treats. the traditional thing to make is corned beef and cabbage and both of those sound gross to me haha. we can go with irish stew. i thought this could be fun.
-irish jig- i propose that we learn an irish step dance on you tube.. and then we perform it. dead serious.
-wear green- everyone must be decked out in green.
-tunes- background music -will- consist of bagpipes.
-lesson- a little lesson on st. patrick himself. and an overview of where my ancestors lived in ireland.
-red hair- anyone with red hair is fully welcomed and embraced at our party.

all of these ideas sound great right?
would all of you come to my party?
bad news
it isn't happening. not this year. but some year soon.
{i ran out of time}

*** last year... a leprechaun told me that i put the [rock] in shamrock

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  1. next year i will be at your st. patrick's day party.