Wednesday, December 8, 2010

we’ve made it a year.

this is an ode to my lip gloss.
 : : not : :
a boy.
how many of you girls can say that you have owned the same chap stick for a year?
i don’t know about you, but i am always losing mine.
i buy one & then [no doubt] two months later it is gone.
 : : every time : :
but not his year, i managed to have the same lip gloss for 12 months.
12 months i made this baby last because i {love} it.
i squeezed it till there was no more.

it traveled with me all over Europe & when i lost my wallet, i still had my lip gloss.

maker: bath & body works
flavor: warm spiced cider
shine: shimmering, but not overpowering
taste: delicious
downfall: it only comes out once a year at Christmas

that is a big downfall.
i have been waiting all year to buy another tube in fear that i would lose my {one and only}
the day after Halloween, i knew they’d be putting out their Christmas scents.
there i was.
and sure enough i found it. it got a makeover with a complete new look.

different bottle but same inside.
 it's the {little things} in life that make me happy.

here are some customer reviews i found on the internet:
* * * "i have heard so many good things about these lip glosses. how they are so tasty, how they smell so good, and how they come in so many yummy flavors. after hearing so much stuff about these lip glosses, i bought one. i am happy with the purchase!"
* * * "bath & body works lip gloss is a favorite among our resident lip gloss junkies. this gloss comes in a variety of shades and is full bodied, not super sheer. it is something every girl should have."

. . . . believe it
it is the truth.


  1. yeah I'm sold too. out the door to go buy myself some right now. and I loved your comment about Eric and the steakhouse on my blog, so glad someone knows what I'm talking about! if you're in salt lake around christmas you should come over to the innes's-we'll be there, eric will be there, it will be a party!