Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a wedding weekend

a wedding weekend
a friend recently asked me how many weddings i had been to in the last couple months
my response ----> {L}{O}{T}{S}
this weekend i attended two weddings
back [to] back
i love how a wedding brings people together
have you ever wondered what your life would be like without friends
friends are the reasons we smile
friends increase your enjoyment of life
my friend jayme was married on saturday
old friends & their families came together
-----it was the best reunion-----
full of laughs, old stories, tears, and a baby that puked
the friends that were around when i had my first kiss
the friends that were there on the countless basketball roadtrips
the friends that accepted me when i peed my pants from laughing so hard
the friends that walked the stage with my at high school graduation
after high school we all went our separate ways
{five} years later
we are growing up
some graduated. some married. some moms.
these two BEAUTIFUL babes have a family of their own now

[wedding #2]
the lovely adri is now a MRS
she had a reception in her backyard
i am attending wedding after wedding this summer
is it the season or what?!?
and i stall have {2} more
ash & i at the reception


  1. "and a baby that puked" lol
    i love you.

  2. Seriously! This is the wedding season...haven't you seen Bride Wars? We're all just trying to be trendy I guess. Can't wait to attend yours next wedding season! I mean catching the bouqet twice is questionable. I'm just sayin...

  3. LOVE WEDDINGS!!! you look great in all the pictures. love you!

  4. Wow, what a great day!!! I really think your wedding is coming soon. I mean with all the girls you've pushed outta your way to catch a bouqet (how many is that now)?? I can't wait for our next party or adventure together...love ya:)