Thursday, January 28, 2010

a doting father...

Happy Birthday D-A-D

we had a small party

my mom and I

my sister SKYPED in from Guatemala

Fathers and daughters have a close relationship

Since the day I was born, my dad was involved in every moment

.He is amazing at

---teaching me new things

-listening lots

---giving advice

-making time for fun

---supporting his daughter’s dreams

.What I love about him

---he tells me I’m beautiful

-he is a great example of Manhood

---he is a best friend for life


  1. happy birthday papa irons!!

    i know he is a good dad, because you and ash turned out so awesome!

  2. STEVE Happy Birthday. chels was a sweet post. It is ALL true. Papa Irons treats me like a million bucks when I come to visit. I can't wait to come next weekend.