Monday, October 19, 2009

the cackle of a witch gives me goose bumps

This past Friday night

Emo, Amy, Emily, and I

Made a trip to Gardner Village in south Salt Lake

It was their annual Witch Weekend

AKA Ladies Night Out

Everyone in attendance had to come

as a witch

{thanks to mama Jensen for providing our crazy hats}

It was a much needed night for us 4 ladies

We had a blast!

Witch of potions

Witch of spells

Witch of Hexes

Witch of Evil

Pumpkin pose

we shopped at boutiques

We danced to various hits including

Party in the u.s.a.

and we waited in line for your typical Halloween treats


Lately, All of us are growing up

and moving forward with our new lives

Even though we aren’t together 24-7 these days

We still manage to have great girls nights when we meet up

I am so blessed to have such wonderful girl friends

I wouldn’t have traded this night for anything

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